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From the Managing Director

GACL is a forward-looking company, set up in the year 1973. 50 years is a long time. Long enough to test the character of any organization. Be it recession, inflation, increased competition or changing governments, we've lived it all. And for sure, all the turbulences have made GACL a stronger and a progressive company. Our stern resolve to manufacture quality chemicals and trek customer satisfaction to a new height has yielded results.

From an initial capacity of 37,425 TPA Caustic Soda, we have grown to be one of the largest producer in India, with a capacity of 5,85,750 TPA. Spread over 2 complexes at Vadodara and Dahej.

Knowing that the time ahead may prop-up newer hurdles, GACL has already started to diversify and expand its existing infrastructure to consolidate it's supremacy in Chlor-Alkali and other integrated downstream products.

World Class Technology

Technology moulds generations. Our endeavor to continually upgrade technology has allowed us to optimize resources, thus bringing down the cost of production and increasing revenues. Acquired through the best and prestigious collaborations means that they meet international specifications for our products. Besides, our manufacturing plants are eco-friendly, which ensure that the environment is well looked after.

The location of both the plants 'Vadodara' and 'Dahej' has dual advantage of proximity to the raw material suppliers and the end users.

While the capacity utilization is about 80% in the Caustic Soda Industry, GACL's plants are working at almost 100% capacity.... thereby utilizing the assets to the fullest extent.

Further the company takes pride in having honoured it's commitments without fail.

The company has made it's presence felt across the globe even against stiff competition by exporting products to USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, Far & Middle East countries, China & South Asian Markets.

GACL has adopted to the age of information technology for fast and uninterruptible information exchange. Both plants of Vadodara and Dahej remain well connected. This provides on-line information at any given point of time.


Various factors that influence the success of any corporation, the self-sufficiency ranks the foremost. We at GACL understand this all too well. Power, being a major input to the electrolytic Caustic Soda process, we promoted a joint captive power plant, Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited to meet our energy requirements for Vadodara Complex. Our complex at Dahej is also integrated with a captive co-generation plant of capacity of 90 MW.

The company also owns its renewable power assets as under:

  • 171.45 MW Wind Farms at various locations of Kutchh & Saurashtra
  • 35 MW Solar Power Plant at Charanka Solar Park - Patan
  • 640 kW (AC) Floating Solar Power Plant on the reservoir of captive power plant
  • 220 kW (AC) Solar Roof top Installations @ Dahej Complex.

Green All The Way

Nature bestows human race with umpteen benefits. Clean air, Lush green trees, GACL's commitment towards the environment is undying. Safe and unadulterated nature is high on our list of priorities, we are an organization with Green Attitude.

A dedicated senior executive heads a Safety and Environment Department to maintain high standards of safety and a harmonious relationship between environment and technology.

The company has planted more than 1,00,000 plants and it keeps maintaining the same. With tree plantation being a regular feature, it plants 1000 sapling every year.

Rainwater harvesting and collection is a part of routine activity at GACL. This water is then utilized for the maintenance of green belts.

The vermiculture concept has been implemented in the premises to convert waste generated by the canteen, gardens and plants to vermicompost.

GACL has been a pioneer in adopting the environment friendly and energy efficient technologies. It converted to Membrane Cell Technology from Mercury Cell Technology way back in 1989 and since 1994 all the plants are running on Mercury free Membrane Cell Technology.

As a matter of strategy, the company has placed sensors at strategic locations in and around the complex to monitor ambient air quality.

For disposal of solid waste, GACL has secured dedicated landfill site conforming to the hazardous Waste Management Act. Being a member of Effluent Channel Project, it releases it's liquid effluent in this channel and adheres to the necessary parameters of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board before discharging it into the channel.

People : Our Valued Assets

World-class technology and self-reliance are baseless without brains that work ardently to produce high quality chemicals. People are our real assets, whom we nurture and harness to get the very best out of them.

Our conviction is :
  • People make the organization.
  • A sense of belonging is a must for dedication and loyalty.
  • Employees give their best when the company cares for them.

Ethical and transparent operations have contributed to a very great extent in bringing a turnaround at GACL.

Excellent labour relationship helped the company in achieving very high manpower production turnover per employee per annum. This is also a result of a thin and lean workforce , which is lead by the professional management.

Spreading Our Wings

The unshakeable desire to deliver quality products to our customers means that our products are well accepted, both in India and the world over. Domestic customers are assured of prompt delivery of quality products at their doorsteps through our well-established network of dealers and consignment stockists. Overseas customers are serviced directly or through agents.

Caustic-Chlorine being it's prime product, the company has diversified into value added products like Caustic Soda group, Caustic Potash group, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Sodium Chlorate, Stable Bleaching Powder, Chloromethanes, Hydrazine Hydrate, etc. These value added products provide dual benefit to the organization by hedging against cyclical fluctuations in the Chlor-Alkali Industry. GACL sells more than 35 products today. GACL maintains it's leadership in Caustic-Chlorine industry and has also emerged as a major player in the segment of value added products.

The Zest To Invent

The mercurial nature of the chemical industry demands continuous invention and innovation. We have a well-equipped R & D centre, recognized by the department of Science and Technology, Government of India, working on new and safer processes/ technologies, value added products and import substitutes.

We are the proud recipients of national awards for :
  • Excellence in research and development from the department of Science and Technology, Government Of India.
  • Pollution Control and Environment Protection from Chemtech Foundation for developing a process for manufacturing Sodium Ferrocyanide from the waste stream Sodium Cyanide process.
  • Novel energy conservation and integration programme in chemical plant from the Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association.
  • GACL is a pround recipient of "National Energy Conservation Award" by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE),Ministry of Power, Govt. of India for three consecutive years since 2004.
Quality Matters

We are committed to utmost customer satisfaction, which is the driving force for progress. Adhering to international standards, with no laxity in any sphere, we are successfully a favoured supplier for our range of products. To consolidate this and to gain international credibility, we had obtained management system certification under ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 50001:2018.


To continue to be identified and recognized as a dynamic, modern and eco-friendly chemical company with enduring ethics and values.


To manage our business responsibly and sensitively, in order to address the needs of our Customers & Stakeholders.

To strive for continuous improvement in performance, measuring results precisely, and ensuring GACL's growth and profitability through innovations.

To demand from ourselves and others the highest ethical standards and to ensure products and processes to be of the highest quality.

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